5 Must-Know Keys for Content Creation

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With the pandemic going on, and days passing by, the truth is most of us have one or more social media accounts. We want to know more about what is happening around us, to share, posting what is happening in ours. However, when creating new content for social media, we may find that conveying our ideas with actual writing is not as easy as we thought. Perhaps, doubts assault us making us ask ourselves: who will read what I have to say? Who will care?. That’s why today, I present to you five must-know keys to creating valuable content for social media.


Find your Niche

You need to know something and believe that is true: Someone wants to read what you want to write. At this point of the writing process, you need to do some research to find the appropriate audience. Age, status, preferences, dislikes, and location will be aspects to find the right followers. Think about the reader of your dreams and ask yourself: How old is he?, What does she like or dislike? Where is he located? Why would she read what I write?. And please, write down those answers.

Besides, do not forget to determine what your goal is when you write. Do you want to entertain or educate?. Think about it beforehand. You will start successfully.


Be Creative

This step means that you need to breathe air into your ideas. Bring to life your ideas giving a proper tone to your words. Look for inspiration around you, in the things you like and enjoy. It is significant that you feel passionate and identified about what you write because you will transmit that to your audience. By doing so, you are going to have astonishing results.

Find your voice, be original. Some writers go on long walks, read a book, listen to music, practice exercise, or watch movies to get creative. Are you keen on one or several of these activities?


Keep Practicing

Writing is not something that comes right on the first try (well, maybe for you, it does). For this reason, you need practice. Do you need to write a whole essay to be an accomplished writer? God, no! But, you need a stepping stone. Why don’t you start with a journal?. Maybe, if the idea of a journal seems a bit old-fashioned to you, a board at home or post-its could be good to write down when a good idea comes to your mind.


Go to the Metrics

Some of us don’t fancy numbers very much. However, metrics are a must when we want to know if we are reaching the right audience or getting the results we wanted. Do not be terrified about feedback, embrace it. Sometimes when we write something, “we fall in love” with our “baby” so hard, that we don’t accept criticism. Positive (and sometimes not so positive) feedback will help you improve and grow up as a writer.

Some platforms, like Metricool, give you a complete view of your social media activity. They include monthly comparisons that will let you know if you need to have another perspective on what you write, or keep doing it the way you are.



When to post on social media? It is something that you need to decide. Still, choose a moment when your audience is likely to pay attention to your content. What you write is valuable, so don’t let it get lost into a mass of other things and go to limbo. Plan and program your posts and let others hear your voice.


I hope these five keys help you give the jump you need to write and post (publish) what you want (they certainly helped ME!). Remember: Your ideas are meaningful, don’t miss the chance to be heard (or read). I would like to conclude with a Winton Churchill phrase: “never, never, never, never give up”


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