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It is true that every business should be inmersed in the social media world, because, let’s face it, if you don´t expose your work or brand, you won’t be able to trespass the boundaries of local customers (although there are always exceptions to these affirmations). But, it is also true that not all social media networks are made for every kind of business. How can you choose among the variety of networks the most approppriate for your business?

There are two questions you have to think about:

Who is your audience?

At this point, you have to research the group of people you want to reach, their age, status, location, interests, etc…

What is your goal?

It is totally up to what your business is about. Depending on that matter, you have to choose which one would be the best social media network (or networks) to make your business known.

We want to know, which one is your favourite social media network for business?

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